Village Halls

Does your Village or Village Hall lack a decent Broadband connection ?

Have you have already visited every campaign website you can find. Does the BT Openreach website postcode checker show that you are not part of the roll out plans ? or that no dates are confirmed.

All is not lost, West Country Broadband have solutions available right now, none of which even need a telephone line anyway.

We are looking for Rural Projects, Schools, Farms, Villages, Hamlets and Communities where we can supply Broadband to, TODAY.

If you live in such an area, or know someone who does, we want to hear from you. West Country Broadband can make a difference, possibly starting with the Village Hall in some cases.

Contrary to what we are lead to believe, 20Mbps Superfast Broadband is already available in 100% of the UK, without exception.

Some of our options can be used as a shared scheme with your neighbours, making this cheaper than BT.

Call us and find out how we can deliver broadband to you now.