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Case studies & scenarios showing some real life cases where West Country Broadband has provided a better broadband solution.

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Exmoor is famous for many things: from scenery that just takes your breath away, to wild beasts, ponies and local legends like Lorna Doone. However, what Exmoor is not so famous for is high speed broadband.

For many years, rural businesses, especially those across Exmoor & Dartmoor have struggled with poor unreliable broadband, but West Country Broadband are looking to improve that. Today we have a satellite broadband service called Tooway, tomorrow who know's what else. One thing for sure, it will not be Fibre to the home.

West Country Broadband were recently tasked with installing a Tooway  high speed satellite broadband system at a luxury Manor House on Exmoor called Oare Manor. Being a feature property set in a beautiful location, the installation had to be as discrete as possible, and at the same time provide the Owners with previously unheard-of broadband speeds of 10Mb/s or more.

Tooway Satellite Broadband discrete installation

The dish we located in the garden completely out of sight, some 40m away from the property, and behind a large hedge. The cable we used was armoured to stop any curious mice from nibbling away and interrupting the signal. 

Once the satellite broadband system was set up, our next mission, which we chose to accept, was not only to distribute the broadband via Wi-Fi, but to also ensure the whole Manor was evenly covered so that both the Owner and Guests could access it easily.

The interior decor at Oare Manor is as beautiful as the exterior, impeccably refurbished too, so the last thing the Owners would have wanted were lots of new visible cables. We had to give the best Wi-Fi coverage whilst keeping all of the equipment out of sight where possible, and this in a property with hugely solid walls that are great at blocking signals.

Our final solution, after some varying trials with the mains wiring, was the use of hidden CAT5 cabling to feed the satellite broadband to WiFi access points around the Manor. To achieve even distribution of WiFi, we split the Manor into three carefully chosen zones, and at each zone we fitted WiFi access points, some with high gain antenna's. In doing it this way, we have achieved minimal visual impact whilst providing great distribution of signal strength, thus allowing unrestricted access to broadband from all areas.


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