Tooway satellite broadband for business

Tooway™ for business

Whether you need to get bandwidth to a remote location or need to ensure that your business stays online even when the telephones don't, Tooway™ offers practical and affordable solutions for business.

Tooway broadband for business
Tooway satellite broadband for the home

Tooway™ for home

Everyone's different, so Tooway™ comes in 4 different packages. This means if you're a light user you'll pay a lot less for your Tooway™ service than someone who's a very heavy user.

Tooway broadband for home

Tooway delivers high-speed internet access via satellite.
With Tooway there is no need for a telephone line. So, if you don't have a telephone line or access to ADSL, or the performance of your current internet access is poor, Tooway is a simple, fast and reliable access to high speed internet.
Satellite internet access brings the same high level of performance in every location regardless of landscape: on a mountain, a caravan, middle of the countryside, a farm , an island or on a main industrial estate, the same satellite is always visible.
All you need is our Tooway satellite dish and modem.