Hotels & Parks

WiFi is now expected as part of the deal in Hotels, Holiday Parks, Camp sites, Guest Houses and Pubs. If you don't have WiFi, you have a problem. If you do have WiFi and don't restrict or secure it, you have another problem.

WiFi is valuable to your Business and to your Guests, so don't underestimate the power of WiFi. West Country Broadband have developed systems that can deliver WiFi around your properties, even if you cannot get traditional broadband in the first place. Some of our systems can also take payment for airtime automatically, giving you a revenue share system with no or little outlay. Alternatively you may wish to purchase outright one of our systems and collect all of the revenue generated. If you just want to give WiFi away as a value added service, but don't want the risk of being abused by Customers streaming TV like BBC iPlayer and so on in large amounts, then call us to see what we can do. If you've already suffered from airtime abuse causing you to exceed your your monthly allowance and incur temporary loss of supply or high top up charges imposed by your provider, we have some brilliant solutions for you. Call us on 01271 325888