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Superfast Broadband in the Westcountry

Superfast Broadband coverage in all area's of Devon, Cornwall & Somerset, not a simple task, or at least not by the traditional wire methods such as telephone lines, fibre or cable. These methods are usually okay for Towns and Cities, not so for the outlying areas. In addition to that, many homes and businesses no longer use traditional telephone lines, instead they use mobile phones, VoiP & mobile devices.

Westcountry Broadband has at least half a dozen excellent sources for Superfast Broadband that do not include telephone cables. These sources come from new Broadband Transmitters and Satellites that are very highly visible from ground locations. So to dispell any misconceptions, you do actually have Superfast Broadband at your property right now. You maybe just didn't realise it.

Most of our sources have speeds of around 20Mbps down, some even up to 80Mbps down. Uploads speeds from 2Mbps on SES and up to 45Mbps on EE location and transmitter dependent.

Whether you're a Home or Business User, out on the the moors or in a rural village, town or even in a city centre somewhere, we have a Superfast solution for you.

Our broadband solutions can also be used as a backup service to your normal broadband supplier. They can also be used for remote CCTV monitoring of property or equipment, and can even be part of a self powered stand alone system.

The main Satellite Broadband solutions we currently have are Tooway, Avanti & SES Broadband. 

The Wireless Solutions we offer are foremost 4G from EE averaging around 35Mbps down but in some areas as high as 80Mbps down transmitter dependent. 4G services are also available from Vodaphone, O2 and Three, but these are tending at the moment to be inside highly populated areas and not remote or rural.

Other Wireless Solutions we can offer come from various providers on the Connecting Devon and Somerset supplier list if we can detect a signal from them at your property. These signals come along the horizon, and via many relays attached to farm buildings and other structures. These services however are only avaialble in certain areas.    

Other services we offer are Wireless Point to Point connections, 3G & 4G reception improvement,  WiFi improvement and Remote CCTV. In addition we also install CAT5, Wireless and Poweline systems suitable for getting your broadband around the house for BT Sports, Sky, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon TV, YouView, Talk Talk, Freesat, SMART TV’s and Media Players.

Simply put, Fast and Superfast Broadband is here right now in the Westcountry, and we know how to get it. Call us.